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From the 2. – 6. July 2014 we invite all the unschoolers and homeschoolers to spend a few days together on the campingplace Seehorn, directly on the shore of the Lake Constance. It is already the 4. time that we organise a Celebrate Unschooling. This time with the special connection of a TENHE –Conference. (TENHE = The European Network of Home Education). You will find more TENHE  informations here.

All interested are invited to interact with other like-minded people, to talk about different things and subjects, to get to meet new people, to let yourself be inspired, to take part in workshops and discussions, to make music, just be yourself and have fun with other unschoolers and homeschoolers . . . . . .and of course to be present at the TENHE- conference on Saturday, the 5. July 2014.


The campingplace Seehorn is sited directly at the shore of the Lake Constanze, so to speak across of Friedrichshafen (D). At Friedrichshafen (D) the ferry leaves to Romanshorn (CH). From Romanshorn it’s simply ten minutes by car to the campingplace. There is also a busstation very near (3 minutes walkingdistance from the campingplace.


The camping offers us alone by its location and infrastructure varied options and and interesting environment to being and enjoying: a renatured streamlet flows through a natural playground, the large playing field invites for ball games and other activities. In addition, there are several fireplaces, a glassed meeting room, a cozy reading corner, a colored basement room with pool table and table football, the seaside resort (free using for camping user) with beach and large lawn area, beach volleyball, ping-pong tables. For the TENHE conference there will be a large and bright room available to us. From the camping can be undertaken beautiful roller blading or biking tours directly by the sea. With this camping  we have found a place that is equally attractiv for young and also as a group it will offers us many possibilities.

Arrival and departure

The official day of arrival is Wednesday, the 2. July 2014. And the official day of departure is Sunday, the 6. July 2014. Of course every family can decide on its own to arrive earlier (or later) or to stay longer. Feel free!

The ones who need a car-sharing or a ride can notify this in our forum here.

Sleeping accommodation

The sleeping will take place on the camping place on the wish and needs of each individual family. There are different options: you can bring a tent, or drive in a caravan, or you can rent a mobilhome (if you are quick enough, there are not so many), or you can stay in a country inn next to the camp.

  • Price for tents see here.
  • Price mobilehome see here.
  • Price country inn ‚Landgasthof Seelust‘ see here.  

The ones who need a tentplace to sleep, can notify this here in our forum.    

A little bit of information for everyone who wants to share a mobilehome with another family: Every mobilehome has a fix price which stays the same no matter how much families stay in it. So you could share the costs.

You can also exchange ideas or discuss options about mobilehomes with other families here in our forum.  


Every family is responsible for their own catering. Right adjacent to the campingplace is a bathing beach (free using for campers). There is also a kiosk with a little shop that contains a few products for the daily use (bread, fruits, vegetables, toiletry. . . . . . .) as well as a restaurant with snacks and small meals. In the mornings there is a bred service offered by the camp.  

Also, there are two fridges and a freezer for use and a few hotplates, which you can use for free. The nearest shop is two to three minutes by car, by bike or bus about twenty minutes.  


The Celebrate Unschooling contains diverse workshops offered by the different families participating. We are convinced that in every family there are skills and abilities of which other families can profit from. It would be nice for everyone who wants to offer a smaller or a bigger workshop for others. The workshop can take as long as you want, from half an hour to half a day, there are no time limits! In case there are expenses they will be taken care of the participants. 

If you’re lacking of ideas, here are some suitable ideas you might find interesting:
painting, drawing, acting, storytelling, wood or stone carving, bubbles, water wheel building, music, singing, ball games, sport, archery, stone sculpturing by the lake, drumming, carte games, astronomy, make-up, button flower sewing, yoga, playing instruments, herb-hiking, soapstone carving, dancing, frendshipbraclet making, making fires without matches, inlineskating along the lake promenade, barbecuing bread dough, experiments, dyeing scarves, origami, candle-stick making, weaving, basket weaving, games, brainteasers, belly dance, karate, bridge building, biketour,  XXL-sudoku. . . . . . .  
Please tell us ahead if you do a workshop and what it is. 


As active home-educated parents we are all confronted with different topics from time to time which we would like to talk about with like-minded people. The roundtables provide an opportunity to talk around an hour about each individual topic. It also can be more or less. Also lectures are welcome.

If you want a talk to a certain topic that interests you especially please note this on your application.    


The total costs for participating in the Celebrate Unschooling  2014 for one family result in the costs for the journey, the type of sleeping accommodation (tent, caravan, mobilhome, . . . . . . .) and your individual catering.    


The application is easy and requires two steps:

  1. Write us an email here,  containing name, age, address of all participating people, as well as the date of the arrival and departure. If you offer a workshop or a topic of discussion, you can also notify it here.
  2. Reserve your desired sleeping accommodation on the campingplace Seehorn (tentspace, mobilehome. . . . . . .) Here you will find the contact information.
  • Give the keyword ‚Celebrate Unschooling‘ when you accommodate yourself, so that they are able to reserve you a space near the others.
  • Inform the campowner about your tent-type: (Typ 1 = smaller than 2x2m, Typ 2 = approx. 3x4m, Typ 3 = bigger than Typ 1 and 2), so that he can calculate how much space still is left over.
  • Cut-off date:  Since the campingplace is not huge and the spaces are limited, we recommend to all the interested to make an early application. The camping owner will reserve the space until 30. April 2014 exclusively for the Celebrate Unschooling participants. Of course you can also apply yourself after this date, but you must take the risk of not having enough space, as the campingplace may already be booked out.

The website from the campingplace is written only in german. So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. . . We are looking forward to interesting and fun days together and to taking home lots of nice memories.

Bruno & Doris Gantenbein with Sara Dhanista, Olivia Nayana and  Nalin Michael

P.s. Impressions from the Unschooling Camp 2013 you can see here in a short Youtube.  


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  2. Doris 17. Juni 2014 um 11:08 Uhr - Antworten

    Liebe Anka

    Herzlichen Dank für Dein Lebenszeichen.
    Auch wir erinnern uns noch gut an euch und wir freuen uns, wenn sich unsere Wege irgendwann mal wieder kreuzen.

    Ganz herzliche Grüsse nach Portugal aus dem Appenzellerland.

  3. Anka 18. Mai 2014 um 23:45 Uhr - Antworten

    Liebe Doris und Bruno und Kinder!

    Wie lange ist es schon her, seit wir euch besucht haben? Ich erinnere mich noch gut an den Nachmittag im Wald mit euch.
    Euren Flyer für’s Celebrate Unschooling habe ich von der Clonlara Schule bekommen, wo wir seit neuestem dabei sind. Wie sich doch manche Kreise unerwarteterweise schliessen!
    Wir – also Bogy und Krystyna und ich – sind nun schon über zwei Jahre hier im Süden von Portugal, wo wir endlich unseren Ort gefunden haben und unser neues Leben aufbauen. Hier können wir wir sein und uns so entfalten, wie es uns gut tut. Inmitten von wunderbarer Natur, mit unseren Tieren und dem Land.
    Ich hoffe, euch geht es gut – eure Seite schaut toll aus und ich bin glücklich, dass ihr weiterhin aktiv seid – und sende euch viele liebe und sehr sonnige Grüsse!


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